Cold Hot Therapy


Cold hot therapy can help for the following situation :

1. sports or muscle injuries, fractures , sprains, and strains

2. Headache

3. Neck Tenion

4. Rheumatism

When to use hot therapy ?

Hot therapy is applied to chronic injury and can increase blood flow to the injured area, helping the body remove and reabsorb cellular by-products. Heat is also soothing and can reduce pain and stiffness. However hot therapy can not be applied to an acute injury unless under the direction of a sportsmedicine professional.


Cold Therapy can be used in the R.I.C.E. for acute sport injury. The following is the brief information of RICE.

R.I.C.E. is rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The goal of RICE is to prevent swelling, bleeding, and edema around the capsule of the ankle that will result in loss of motion. The more swelling you can prevent, the better off the patient will be.

REST - This is relative rest. For the first 24 hours it is best not to bear weight (possibly longer, depending upon the severity). Then the patient may begin weight bearing as tolerated.

ICE - Ice or cold therapy products of irufa should be intermittently applied for the first 24 hours. Ice (cold therapy) is the most effective natural remedy for acute sports injuries. When appropriately applied, cold therapy can be used in decreasing the amount of haemorrhage and swelling to the area, reducing swelling, minimizing bleeding & oedema, inflamation and bruising.

COMPRESSION - Using Irufa cold therapy wrap, elastic bandage or support is essential. Simply putting an elastic wrap around a sprained or injuries area.

ELEVATION - elevating the ankle helps in removing edema. By having the foot higher than the heart, gravity is used to pull edema out of the ankle.


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