Frequently Asked Questions


Should I use hot or cold for an injury?

Answer: Always consult a physician prior to any applicaton . Normally cold therapy is used for an acute injury. Especially for the R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression, and elevation), Besides, It's also a good idea to ice the affected area after an exercise or event, just to keep problems at a minimum. Hot therapy is applied to chronic injury and can increase blood flow to the injured area, helping the body remove and reabsorb cellular by-products. Heat is also soothing and can reduce pain and stiffness.


Can I walk or work with my C & A cold hot Wrap?

Answer: YESˇKC&A cold hot wraps are designed specially for every part of body and offer full flexibility of movement during treatment for every part of body. You do not need to waste your comfortable to use unsuitable one.

Is the C&A cold hot Wrap a brace?

Answer: Not all of wraps are brace. The C&A cold hot Wrap provides compression and thermal therapy, it is not intended for use during activities.However we add elastic bandage or neoprene material into some our wraps. It also have the function for the copmensation. In our next developement, we will combined cold hot therapy with brace which have both elastic compensation and cold hot effect.


How to make the C&A cold/hot gek warps cold ?

Answer: Just turn the linner to outside and put into freezer. Keep the wraps more than 3 hours into refreezer then take out to use.C&A cold hot gel supports can remain soft and flexible even at -20 degrees F. You can keep the C&A cold hot gel wrap always into freezer for the urgent need.


Can your Cold/Hot Gel wraps microwavable ?

Answer : Yes, Our cold/hot compress wraps are all microwavable. Different microwave model, size, wattage, colour, will result in different heating times. The instructed heating times on the pack indicate a safe time frame based on tests conducted on a 800 watt microwave. Monitor the pack while heating in the microwave. If the wraps starts to expand, immediately turn off the microwave. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PACK CAREFULLY TO AVOID INJURIES OR DANGER


What can I do if the cold hot gel wraps leaks out?

Answer: Our gels in the wraps are all non-toxic. Do not ingest or taste the gel. If contents are exposed to the skin or eyes, flush with water immediately. If irritation or redness persists, consult a physician. Throw cold hot gel warp away if leaking.

Can you inform us the construction of your cold hot gel warps ?

Answer: C&A cold hot gel warps have Taiwan Patent M 269880 and applying patent in China and USA. Please kindly check the below picture :


Why it is better to have the contact layer fabric ?

Answer: Contact fabric layer have nice touch with skin and can reduce the speed of heat transfer from gel. It will reduce the risk for the burn or frostbite when the gel wraps is too hot ot cold. To avoid burns, Do not over heat cold hot gel warps ( If Cold hot support expands like a balloon: Stop heating.) Moreover, Check leak and temperature carefully before use. To avoid frostbite, Cold therapy should not exceed 20 minutes at a time.


How long do the cold hot wraps stay cold or hot ?

Answer: C&A cold hot gel wraps have a patent design for additional heat retaining layer to keep warp stay cold or hot longer under the same situation. It may be used for 2 times longer.


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