Far Infrared Ray Insoles
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Far Infrared Ray have the following Function :

1. Enhance the vitality of body liquid and cells
2. Promote blood circulation - cue chronic rheumatism, eliminate sourness & pain, fatigue, stress and arthritis.
3. Accelerate metabolism - prevent or slow down aging process, discompose and discharge surplus fat to keep slim

* Additional function optinal - post fabric treatment, Anti-microbial & House dust mites, Magnetic function, Negative ion function, Photo catalysis function and Tourmaline function.


Prtoduct No: FIR-IO-111
Upper Material option : cloth fabric, non-wave fabric, leather.
Middle material option: EVA, open cell PU, Latex ..etc.
Magnet option: Nydymium, Ceramic magnet, rubber magnet.
Cure diease: can chnage the magnetic location according to the
application or customer's need.

Magnet option, and Material option

Theory: Based on Acupuncture therapy and foot Reflexology

Acupuncture Points

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology as a gentle treatment that can be used to treat many common conditions such as:


Minus Ion Therapy Cold hot Therapy
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