Far Infrared Ray Plaster
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Far Infrared Ray have the following Function :

1. Enhance the vitality of body liquid and cells
2. Promote blood circulation - cue chronic rheumatism, eliminate sourness & pain, fatigue, stress and arthritis.
3. Accelerate metabolism - prevent or slow down aging process, discompose and discharge surplus fat to keep slim

* Additional function optinal - post fabric treatment, Anti-microbial & House dust mites,Magnetic function, Negative ion function, Photo catalysis function and Tourmaline function.

Product No: Far Infrared Ray Spot plaster
Product No : SP-01-FIR
FIR spot: 10 PCS

Product No: Plaster (Replacement)
Product No : MP-01
Packing: 6 pcs in one bag. or as customer's need.


Based on the Ancient Chinese medical theories, Magnet can adjust the human body static electricity and magnetic field. Moreover Magnetic force can help blood circulation, increase oxygen in blood and metabolism release the muscle tension, as well as reduce the mental pressure and fatigue.

The followings are the brief application examples for using magnetic acupuncture plaster to help influenza:

Chinese Name : 合 谷
English Name : Hegu
International Symbol : LI 4
Large Intestine Meridian (LI)
Indication : Head ache,teeth pain, tonsillitis, rhinitis and sore throat
Remark : 1. The original ponit of large intestine Meridian.
This point is between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones. Location of the point is depressed as a valley.
English Name : Influenza Point 1
International Symbol :
Other than 14 Merdian & Vessel
Indications : Influenza,tonsillitis, teeth pain, sore throat and rhinitis
Data from comprehensive Textbook/manual of 20th centry written by Li SU Huai
English Name : Influenza Point 2
International Symbol :
Other than 14 Merdian & Vessel
Indications : Influenza and tonsillitis
Data from comprehensive Textbook/manual of 20th centry written by Li Su Huai

Chinese Name : 太 淵
English name : Taiyuan
International Symbol : L 9
Lung Meridian
Indications : cough, asthma,sore throat and chest pain

Chinese Name : 孔 最
English Name : Kongzui
International Symbol : L 6
Lung Meridian
Indications : cough and sore throat

Chinese Name : 風 池
English name : Fengchi
International Symbol : G 20
Gallbladder Meridian
Indications : influenza,head ache, stiff neck and high blood pressure caused from brain diease

Chinese Name : 風 門
English name : Fengmen
International Symbol : B 12
Bladder Meridian
Indications : head ache, stiff neck,
The point is located where it is easily invaded by pathogenic wind and so is useful in treating diseases caused by pathogenic wind.

Chinese Name : 大 椎
English name : Dazhui
Symbol : GV 14
Governor Vessel
Indications :

Chinese Name : 肺 俞
English Name : Feishu
International Symbol : B13
Bladder Meridian
Indications :

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