Thigh Supports
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Far Infrared Ray have the following Function :

1. Enhance the vitality of body liquid and cells
2. Promote blood circulation - cue chronic rheumatism, eliminate sourness & pain, fatigue, stress and arthritis.
3. Accelerate metabolism - prevent or slow down aging process, discompose and discharge surplus fat to keep slim

* Additional function optinal - post fabric treatment, Anti-microbial & House dust mites, far infrared ray function, Negative ion function, Photo catalysis function and Tourmaline function.

FIR Treatment

Product No: TH-N-11-FIR
Size : S.M.L.XL
1. Provide heat retention, compression and support to quadriceps hamstring area.
2. Suitable for people recovering from pulled muscles in this area.
Color :
Product No: TH-N-12-FIR
Size : One size fit all
1. with two velcro closure attached, easy to put on and take off.
2. Helps prevent injury, comfortable support for weak muscles and joints, retains body heat for increased circulation.
Color :
Product No: TH-S-12-FIR
Size : S.M.L.XL
1. Spandex material provide Compression & Stabilization.
2. Breathable to keep skin dry and comfortable.
3. Provide four way elastic & prevent sport injury.
4. Can be add magnetic therapy or Far infrared ray function.
Color :
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