Material of Magnetic Therapy
Irufa Industrial group always treats everyone with most consideration and tries to meet customer's needs. Varity and flexibility is our characteristic. Thus, We offer the following alternatives of material for customers to choice. Of course we are welcommed OEM and ODM, with Customer's designs,or brands.

Alternative Magnet :

We can offer different gauss strength, polarity, Anisotrotropic, square and round magnet for our customer's choice.

*Type of magnet

1.Ceramic grade 1 to grade 8
2.Neodynium Magnet (Ne-Fe-B)
3.Flexible Rubber Magnet
4.Plastic Magnet
5.Rare earth magnet(Smco)
6.Alnico Magnet

* Gauss strength

There are two kind of magnetic gauss strength. The first one is gauss rating which is the material of magnet. For example, Ceramic Garde 8 magnet has gauss rating 3950 gauss. The other one is surfacing magnetic strength which can be measured from Gauss meter.

* Penetration strength

Pentration strength is one of most important magnetic therapy factor. Different magnet have different magnetic penetration.




Polarity is also one of most important magnetic therapy factor. North (-) polarity to the body can relieve pain which can be found in USA from many magnetic therapy books. However different theroy may use different magnet polarity. For example, unipole or biopole magnet. Our company can accept customer's design magnet and polarity.



* Size of magnet

Usually the thicker magnet have stronger magnetic strength and penetration. However if the magnet is too big or too thick, it will be heavy or not convience for the application. Thus, magnetic therapy products will be choice the right type of magnetic with proper magnetic strength and penetration. It should be aware of magnetic sizes and thickness.

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