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Magnet therapy is an alternative therapy for pain relief. There are many different magnetic therapy in the world. Different countries or therapies may required different magnet polarity arrangement and magnets..


Magnetic Braces
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Magnetic Therapy bracelet
Horoscope Bracelet Series
Product No: LEO-MAG
Size : 7", 8" , 9"
Base metal : copper, stainless steel,Titanium, Tunsten or others.
Plating : gold, IPG, others

Magnetic therapy have the functions of Improve Blood circulation, Heighten blood oxygen Level, Enhance metabolism & blood circulation, Relieve muscular pain & stiffness and Facilitate body's own healing power. Besides, if the magnet is placed on acupuncture point, magnetic wave will stimulate the acupuncture point and have similar acupuncture effect. Thus, it also called none-needle acupuncture. To see more information, please click magnetic therapy for more information
*Can be combined with additional far infrared, minus ion function.
Color :

Magnet option,

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