Frequently Asked Questions of Minus Ion Therapy
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Whats are the different names of minus ion ?

Answer : The name is called minus ion ( сユЮЗユレ⑦ ) In Japan. In English is called negative ion or Anion.

What Are positive Ions and negative ion ?

Answer: In the middle of an atom is the nucleus. The nucleus contains protons (+) and neutrons. The nucleus is surrounded by electrons (-). Atoms usually have the same number of electrons as protons. These electrons are, however, constantly spinning around the atom and swapping places with the electrons of surrounding atoms.   Atoms that have gained electrons from other atoms (negatively charged) form Negative ions and those that have lost electrons form Positive ions.

Are negative ions good for our body?

Answer: Maintaining a well-balanced condition of positive and negative ions is important. offices and other environment where many electrical appliances are used always lack negative ions. Those living in such environments frequently need to supplement negative ions.

Are Negative Ions The Same Size?

Answer: No, there are small, medium and large negative ions.
Small (ingestible) negative ions are highly mobile and are biologically active.

Do negative ions exist naturally on the earth?

Answer: Yes. All substances are made of ions. There are more negative ions in nature than positive ions at a ratio of 2:1. This ratio has been disturbed in recent years due to frequent use of electronic equipment and contaminated air. Especially in urban areas, the ratio has been reversed with more positive ions in the air.

Are there any places with plenty of negative ions?

Answer: Near waterfalls, in forests, at open-air hot-spring baths and generally at places where you feel refreshed and rested.

Where are plenty of positive ions?

Answer: At busy intersections, in buildings where many electrical appliances are used and generally in places with stagnant air.


Can you show me the examples ofr negative ion content in the different place ?

Answer: Here are some average sample readings of negative air ions taken in various locations:
(bear in mind that the body responds to levels above 1000 ions per cc)

Location Ion quantity
By a waterfall:
50,000 ions per cc
In the mountains:
5,000 ions per cc
In the countryside:
1,500 ions per cc
In an average modern office:
Only 50 ions per cc


Can you inform us the influence of human from the postive ions and negative ions ?

Answer: Here is the table to show the influence.

Affected Target Negative Ions Positive Ions
Weak alkaline pH balance
Acidic pH balance
Works efficiently
Has to work hard
Blood Pressure
Respiratory System
Blood Vessels
Do negative ion ceramics have the radiation hormesis effect?

Answer: Yes. Negative ion ceramics, which emit small amounts of radiation, have the radiation hormesis effect which is observed at hot springs . This effect may activate the body, improving immunological function, inhibiting the aging process and promoting growth. A combination of negative ions and negative ion ceramics will show synergy effects

Do ion generators release ozone? Is ozone good for the health?

Answer: Conventional ion generators release a large amount of ozone, giving off ozone odor. Ion generators with the least possible release of ozone have recently been developed. Ozone is not good for the body because it promotes oxidation, which promotes aging.

Can we see negative ions being released with naked eyes? If not, How do you know C&A Ioned Products have negative ion ?

Answer: No! Negative ion is too small to see by eyes. However, With our Japan Made Ion tester CON-3010, we can test the ioned content for all our C&A ioned products. We can make the ion content into our products from 300 - 3000 PCS/cm3 tested still. Please kindly check the picture as belows:

Not all the negative ion (minus ion) products in the market have the singnificant ioned content when tested still. For example, wood or bamboo carbon. We can accept customer's need and make the ion content into our products from 300 - 3000 PCS/cm3 tested still.

Does tourmaline/healstone release negative ions?

Answer: Not under static condition at normal temperatures. It releases negative ions for a few seconds only when it is scrubbed or given a shock such as high heat.

Do you have other reference web site for the minus ion (negative ion) information ?

Answer: Please kindly check the following web site :

More About Negative Ions ..from the book Proof Positive

Negative Ions, Vitamins of the Air? Negative-Charged Ions

Special Olympic Report

TSE Plummet Predicted 5 Days Ago by Ion Scientist

Asthma and Ions by Guy Cramer Sept. 2,1996

Can you show me show reference about minus ion orgination ?

Answer: Please kindly check belows:

Japan Asociation of Ion Research and Application ( 日本機能性ユレ⑦協)

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