Minus Ion Necklace
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Negative ion content from 300 - 3000 PCS/cm3 tested still.

According the study, There are less then 15% of the negative ions can be inhaled and absorbed through our lungs; Whereas 85% of the Negative Electric Ions are absorbed from our skin.

Minus Ion have the following effects:
* Antibacterial and moth-repelling effects; deodorization
* Maintaining a well-balanced condition of positive and negative ions,

* regulates cells' metabolism process;
* strengthens ones immune system, preventing sickness and cold

Not all the negative ion (minus ion) products in the market have the singnificant ioned content when tested still.We can accept customer's need and make the ion content into our products from 300 - 3000 PCS/cm3 tested still.


Product No: NL-C111-MIN
Base metal: Stainless steel or copper.
Plating: Titinium gold plating or rugular gold
Magnet: Nydymium magnet or Smco magnet
North to the body.
Magnet option,
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