Runner's Knee

The runner's knee is pain all around and under the kneecap, and stiffness of the knee joint. It has been given many names, including patellofemoral disorder, patellar malalignment, patello-femoral stress syndrome. and chondromalacia.

Runner's knee can occur when hamstrings are tight, when quadriceps are much stronger than hamstrings or, in the case of new runners, when quads are weak. All runners should stretch and strengthen quads and hamstrings regularly.




* Aching pain behind the knee cap.

* kneecap is tender to the touch

* Stiffness of the knee joint.

* You may have pain when you walk, run, or sit for a long time.

* The pain is generally worse when walking downhill or down stairs.

* Your knee may swell at times.

* You may feel or hear snapping, popping, or grinding in the knee.

Treatment & Prevation


* Using an open patella knee supports.

* Using a good arch supports in the shoes.

* Stretch exercises

* Strengthening exercises.

Magnetic Therapy
Far Infrared Therapy
  Minus Ion Therapy   Cold hot Therapy
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