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Calf Brace
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Spacer Fabric Calf brace
Product No: SH-SF-14
Size : S,M,L,XL

* Made by breathable, soft touch, four way stretchable Spacer Fabric.
* No latex, No neoprene, No allergy.
* Two additional straps can be adjusted the compression.
* Can be added Silicon Pad, TPE Pad or other material pad for better support.
* Can be made by anti-bacteria, quick dry,cooling, heat genation,far infrared, or ioned yarn.
* With one velcro can adjust the compression.
* Designed to fit upper portion of tibia, calf and achilles area..
* help relieve pain and discomfort associated with shin splints
* It improves blood circulation and ease muscle strain.

Color :

Measure the circumference of  calf for correct sizing.
Circumference in Inch
15.5 -16.5
16.5 -18
Circumference in cm
Material Option: : Neoprene, PU Foam, Elastic Band, Spacer Fabric
Elastic Spacer Fabric Material  

Elastic spacer fabrics consist of two covering textiles, which are connected with filaments. The distance between the two layers is exactly defined. Spacers are also called 3D textiles and uniquely facilitates elastic,air flow, breathability and lightweight. Elastic Spacer fabric will replace most of neoprene in the near coming future. Not all the elastic spacer fabric are the same. Irufa Industrial Group choice different elastic compression spacer fabric for the different application. spacers provide a great many of positive characteristics:

• High Air Permeability
* Compression Strength
* Soft Touch
* Pressure Redistribution.
• Anti-allergenic
• Easily recyclable
• lightweight, tearproof and easy-care

Spacer fabric can be made by functional yarn to have additional function. The additional function of spacer fabric are as follows:

* quickly-dry, water diffusion & wicking properties
* Cooling
* Heat generation
* Deodorant
* Flame resistance (FR)
* Anti-bacterial
* Anti-mildew
* Anti-static
* Far Infrared Ray
* Minus Ion

The optional od Elastic Spacer fabric
Spacer-Pin -1
Spacer-Pin-2 tone

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