What is Spacer Fabric ?

Answer: Spacer fabric is Spacer fabrics are created by connecting two independently knitted fabrics with spacer yarns so that the fabrics have a three-dimensional appearance.

Why use spacer fabric ?

 Answer: Spacer Fabric is latex free, soft touch, durable, light weight, machine washable, easy to recycle, 3D breathable in any Direction and have much more breathable than Neoprene or PU foam. Besides, spacer fabric have the air cushion effect which can distribute pressure evenly.

Why use our patented spacer fabric ?

Not All the Spacer Fabric are the same. Normal spacer fabric do not have enough compression strength. Using our patented technology, our spacer fabric have the medcial gade compression strength similar as the compression strength of neoprene. If using the normal spacer fabric, the support will lack of compression strength and do not have enough strength to protect the user’s muscle and joints. Besides, our patented spacer fabric have uick dry effect and keep the user’s skin dry.