Next Generation Material of sports & Medical Support

What is Spacer Fabric ?

Spacer fabric is Spacer fabrics are created by connecting two independently knitted fabrics with spacer yarns so that the fabrics have a three-dimensional appearance.


Properties of Spacer Fabric

3D Breathable in Any Direction

 Spacer fabric is 3D Breathable in Any direction, Using ASTM D737, the standard test method for air permeability of textile fabrics, air was drawn through both knit fabrics and Spacer fabrics. While the knit fabrics received only a 10.7 cfm (cubic feet per minute), Spacer Fabrics received a 99.1 cfm, meaning it was almost 10 times more permeable than regular knit fabrics.

Latex Free

Spacer fabric is made by nylon, mono and polyester yarn. There is no latex content in spacer fabric. Latex content is easy to be allergy. Not like most of tubular knitted fabric have the latex content and allergy problem. Spacer fabric is latex free and hypo-allergenic.

24 Hous Use

Spacer Fabric is 3D breathable and latex free. Like the underwaer, spacer fabric can be used for 24 hours. This is a very good advantage for the medical products which need to use for 24 hours use.

Air Cushion Effect:

Spacer fabric is filled with air inside which can pressure redistribution and vibration reduction. We called this characteristic of spacer fabric  by air cushion. Air cushion effect of spacer fabric can both protect user to avoid the sport injuries and feel more comfortable.

Light Weight

Spacer Fabric is more light weight than neoprene or other same thickness knit fabric. It is no weight burden when using the spacer fabric product.

Machine Washable

Not like neoprene is not machine washable and dryable. Spacer Fabric is machine washable and dryable. It is very convience to us spacer fabric products for the after care.

Easy to Recycle

Spacer Fabric is a green material and easy to recycle. It is good to use this green material to protect the earth environment.


Spacer fabric is durable and can be use for longer time. Spacer fabric brace can be used longer than the tubular kinted brace.


some knited tubular fabric  is not anti-pilling. When the nail of user touch the tubular fabric, the fabric is pilling and difficult to care. Spacer Fabric is an anti-pilling fabric.  Even if the user use nail to rub the spacer fabric, the spacer fabric will not be pilling.

Additional Properties of  Our Patented Spacer Fabric

Medical Grade Compression Strength

Not All the Spacer Fabric are the same.Our Patented Spacer Fabric Have much better compression strength and Elastic than others.OurPatented Spacer Fabric have similar compression strength and elasticas neoprene.

Quick Dry 

Our spacer fabric is made by a kind of filament yarn which section is like a “cross” shape. Such “cross” shape creates more spaces and causes capillary effect. It accordingly absorbs the sweat of the skin very quickly and enables the sweat diffuse and evaporate very fast. The purpose is to keep your clothing always dry and make you always feel comfortable.

Optional Function :


 We can optional add Anti-bacterial, antibiotic, or antimicrobial agent into our fabric to ed mainly against bacteria; it may kill or inhibit them.

Far Infrared Ray

Far Infrared Ray can enhance the vitality of body liquid and cells, Promote blood circulation – cue chronic rheumatism, eliminate sourness & pain, fatigue, stress and arthritis and accelerate metabolism – prevent or slow down aging process, discompose and discharge surplus fat to keep slim

Minus Ion

Minus ion or Negative ions are an atom or molecule with an additional electric giving that atom or molecule a negative charge. Negative ions are great for your health.

Cool Feeling

Cool feeling effect is good especially for the hot weather enviroment. 

Hot Feeling

Hot feeling effect is good for the winter or cold weather enviroment. We can add this function if the custom need.